Wounded Warrior


The Wounded Warrior Project show (Rockin’ the Cause 2013) hosted by the orchestra on June 22, 2013 was a great success! 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales, sponsorships, raffles, and direct donations were donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. This was the second time we supported the Wounded Warrior Project in this way.

Some videos from the show are on the JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra’s YouTube Channel.   A gallery of pictures from the Wounded Warrior 2013 Show is also up on the website. It was fantastic to be able to put on a great quality show two years in a row and say that we’ve raised over $20,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project!

We presented a check for $10,000 at the Wounded Warrior Project Washington D.C. Office on August 5th. In attendance at the presentation were board members Dave Balch (President), Tom Luther (Vice President), and Carol Good (Secretary).

Reflecting on this past year, I’ve seen so many people step up this year, including students and parents.

Logan has done a great job with the trumpet section. Getting everyone to take things up a notch and take what we do more seriously.

The help of the Corthells was big this year. It was great having that extra help with putting all of the equipment away at all of our gigs, and having more stage hands to get what was needed with the curtain and the video screen at Saturday’s Show. Working on the stage crew is just as important as being a musician! And much needed!

Jeremiah Schofield for getting us off the ground with a great flyer and some new ideas that wound up sticking through to the final program.

Kate Beller has always done a fantastic job of record keeping throughout the years on our budget and money raised.

Scott and Melanie Kaffl do an outstanding job with storing our equipment, getting the stage ready and finding the most unique way of fixing problems that go on behind the scenes.

Dave Balch does a little bit of everything. Coordinating most of the show, running sound, and bringing everything together as President of the board. I think a big take away from one of the things he did was the idea of sponsorships. We had about half or more of the total money raised for our goal before we started because of the sponsorships we got. We couldn’t do it without him!

Whitney Frey always gets us great gigs. Love the out of the box thinking!

Tiffany Yetman did a wonderful job on the raffle baskets this year.

Neil was outstanding as our host! Kept things moving, entertaining and also had some great videos to show!

Glen Lee is a musician I highly respect and admire, and it was great for me to chew on his ear about musical ideas and so on with the band this year.

Maria Stoneroad did a great job volunteering to organize the lobby. Everything ran smoothly there!

Grant and Claire helped throughout the year getting thoughts from the student members relayed to the board members.

Our Junior Members did well with their part of the concert, and I am really pleased that our older students have taken our younger students in and helped them find their place in the group. Junior Members, please remember what they are doing for you, because one day it will be your turn to do it for someone else.

Libby and Alex’s performances were outstanding! Alex can reincarnate anyone, and Libby’s vocals are right on. How about that National Anthem! Outstanding singing to a very difficult song!

Anna’s first performance on the big stage was great! She has come a long way!

Trumpet, saxophone and clarinet horn pops were awesome! The “Circle-Square” Technique is the best!

Loved all of the solos! Libby – clarinet, Grant – saxophone, Frank – saxophone, Carol and Logan – Trumpet, Taylor – drums, John – Guitar

John did great this year on guitar! He had some tough shoes to fill.

Every musician and behind the scenes person did a great job throughout the year! We continue to surprise our audiences with the professional sound and crowd participation we give.

Thank you to seniors Grant and Taylor for starting and being a part of a group that had no real benefits at the beginning other than maybe it could be fun. I thought it was extremely hard to get high school students involved at the beginning because there are a lot of neat things to do in high school (drama, band etc.), and we were just getting started. You adding another thing to your plate that really wasn’t established meant a lot to me. It was you two and Kristen who started with us before I opened it up to middle school. Thank you for believing in what we could become.

Anyone who wants to help with anything, please let me know!


Really everyone has just continued to amaze me and has done so much work for this group. There are so many things that go on behind the scenes to make something like this work. I am just thankful for everyone who has put their hat in and given their time and talents.

It’s a very rewarding thing to see the group grow, as well as the kids, some of whom I started teaching since they were in 6th grade. I’ve always believed that you all had the ability to get to where we are today.

I try to take a group of kids and put them in front of an audience and expect a level of professionalism that people would pay to see, because I believe in your talent and your eagerness to learn.

I’ve given you brand new songs this year and asked you to learn them in about 1 month because I knew that you had the ability to do so. My belief in your talent hopefully says something to the character and work ethic you all have. You all work very hard to be in this group and I am thankful for it every day. A student musician has a lot on their plate. Not only are they learning an instrument and the language of music, they are expected to do well in school.

Always work hard and the dreams that you have will come true. You are my dream. Through the ups and downs of the storm, come you, who are the rainbow!

Mr. D