Upcoming Shows & Events

 The JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra has many performances throughout the year, most of which are open to the public. Check out our upcoming shows!

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 We rock the music, covering popular songs from many artists, decades and genres, including:

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Motown
  • Jazz

New music is continuously added to the orchestra’s repertoire. Artists covered include classics like Journey, U2, The Beatles, Chicago and Michael Jackson to contemporary artists like Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz and Mark Ronson.

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Beyond the Music


In addition to playing entertaining music, the orchestra prides itself on keeping performances engaging and interactive, with movement and special visual effects. Shows that allow for a darkened stage have featured dancing lights, glow-in-the-dark instruments, fog effects and more. Even during outdoor daytime shows, instruments can be seen dancing to the music, and audience members are encouraged to engage with performers.

We hope you come out and enjoy a performance! You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out about upcoming shows!

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Rockin’ the Cause

Donations made for the Humane Society during our 2016 Rockin’ the Cause concert

Every spring we end the session year with our signature Rockin’ the Cause concert, an exciting, interactive performance hosted by the orchestra with a goal of raising money, collecting goods donations and/or raising awareness for a chosen charity.

Concerts for Charity