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How can I get involved?

The JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra requires many adult volunteers.  While parents of members are not required to volunteer, they are encouraged to help out in any way they can to give the students the best experience possible.

  • Volunteer– Help out on our crew, or help the organization with marketing, fundraising or planning events.
  • Attend gigs– We love big crowds!
  • Participate in fundraising
  • Spread the Word- Follow us on Facebook and share our posts
  • Share this website with anyone who may be interested in joining or volunteering for the JDCRO
  • Become a member! Adult Musicians and Crew

What is my child getting out of the JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra?

The orchestra strives on having fun while promoting growth and personal development, building friendships, emphasizing the importance of everyone’s role in the ensemble, and performing high quality productions while understanding that through the power of music, we can help others.

Building Life Skills

Confidence: Students who have gone through the JDCRO program have improved confidence from meeting challenges and successfully performing in front of large public crowds.

Leadership: Older students build leadership skills mentoring younger musicians and leading sectional rehearsals.

Community Service: The JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra is a non-profit that performs concerts for charity to help raise money or awareness for a cause. We foster an ethic of serving the community, and students learn about and support many charitable causes. Students earn service learning hours.  Older members have found that their participation in this unique group has helped them stand out during the college applications process.

Music Education

Younger Musicians: The orchestra’s music is simplified for young students so they can work their way up to more challenging arrangements. Beginning students rehearse with and learn from their musically advanced peers and often progress quickly.

Advanced Musicians: The orchestra plays music that can challenge even advanced high school musicians. Students have the opportunity to create and perform instrumental solos. Students who enjoy composing and arranging music can compose a piece with assistance from the director and have it performed by the orchestra. Students also have the unique opportunity to jam with other advanced student and adult musicians in the community.

Music Theory: The orchestra utilizes both method books and performance music to work on music theory and elements of music such as rhythm, harmony, melody, structure, form, texture and expression. The group also practices sight reading, scales and other musical concepts.

Audition Skills: While any music student can rehearse with the group, in order to perform, students must pass an audition that parallels the All County audition process by performing memorized All County scales, prepared pieces, and sight reading, while being scored in a similar way. This helps prepare students for the rigor of All County Band and Orchestra auditions.

Value of Music Education

DSC_7251-1-LThere are many studies that show how music can help students achieve in other academic areas, but music education also has value and merit on its own. Some are the development of aesthetics, the constant self-critique and refinement of performance in order to improve one’s musical self, and a means of expression that goes beyond spoken word.

In a country where school budgets are tight, more and more programs are being cut.  Music is not only part of a well-rounded education but helps children build confidence, discipline, and long lasting friendships.

More information

For more information on your child’s membership in the JDCRO, see the Current Members page.

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