What are Registration Fees Used For?

Member registration fees, in addition to donations, go a long way towards strengthening our community and providing a quality music experience and education for children!

Note: One of the many reasons the JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra is successful is because we have many dedicated parents, students, and members of the community who volunteer their time. No one, including the Director, makes a salary or stipend.


  • Insurance
  • Sound equipment
  • Transportation and storage fees
  • Publicity/Advertising
  • Website hosting
  • Program printing
  • Facility/space rental fees
  • Merchandise costs (including red ties worn for gigs)
  • Copyrights for CD recordings of cover songs
  • Tech crew, air conditioning, custodial and other fees associated for our big shows
  • Ticket printing
  • Ink, paper and other office supplies to print music for the orchestra
  • Smiles and memories to last a lifetime!

Concerts for Charity