Registration & Session Fees

Session Structure

Our session structure is as follows:

  • Session 1 (November – February)
  • Session 2 (March – June)
  • Session 3 (July – October)

Members may sign up for any number of sessions.  Many members participate year-round.

Waiver & Registration

Once a year, all students need to print the JDCRO Waiver Form, fill it out and turn it in to Mr. Dundore, along with a check for your first session’s registration fee.

Student Session Fees

  • The session registration fee is currently $99 per session for Student Musicians and Junior Musicians.
  • Please make checks payable to “Community Foundation of Carroll County.
  • Sibling Discount! The session registration fee for the first child is $99, second child is $89 and third child (or more) is $79.
  • There are no fees for adult volunteers and student crew.
  • What are registration fees used for?

About joining

Musicians from Carroll County and surrounding areas enjoy jamming in our friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Concerts for Charity