Registration Process & Session Fees

Session Structure

Our session structure is as follows:

  • Session 1 (November – February)
  • Session 2 (March – June)
  • Session 3 (July – October)

Members may sign up for any number of sessions.  Many members participate year-round.

FARC Registration Process for Students and Adults

Each session, all student and adult volunteers must register online through the Freedom Area Rec Council’s online sports sign up. The online registration system will allow the registration of multiple family members and sessions if desired.

  1. Go to
  2. Click to Register Online.
  3. Login (or Create an Account if you don’t already have one).
  4. Register to Play/Participate  or Apply to Volunteer for “JDCRO Orchestra Practice” for the desired session.
    • Student Musicians Register to play/participate under the desired session. Payment can be made by check or cash (checks are preferred to keep registration fees to a minimum). For more information on fees please refer below to Student Session Fees.
    • Student Stage Crew must apply to coach/volunteer as student stage crew in order to not incur a registration fee.
    • Adult Volunteers apply to coach/volunteer as a sponsor, musician, or stage crew. There is no fee incurred. Adult volunteers for the JDCRO include any adults who serve on a regular basis (more than one day) for the JDCRO. This includes but is not limited to musicians, stage crew, board members, photographers, and committee members.

Please send any questions regarding registration to

 JoeyDCares Required Forms for Students and Adult

The JDCRO forms listed below must be completed and turned into Mr. Dundore once per year.

  1. Commitment Letter (PDF) – Required for all student and adult musicians. Student Musicians must also get form initialed by a parent/guardian.
  2. Code of Honor (PDF)– Required for all student and adult volunteers. Student forms must also be signed by a parent/guardian.

Student Session Fees

  • The session registration fee is currently $99 per session for Student Musicians and Junior Musicians.  There are no fees for adult volunteers and student crew.
  • Registration fees can be made by check or credit card. In order to keep the processing fees charged to the JDCRO to a minimum, we prefer registration fees be paid by check
  • Please make checks payable to “Freedom Area Recreation Council.”
  • After completing the registration process online, checks must be mailed to FARC, P.O. Box 999, Eldersburg, MD 21784. We cannot accept checks at rehearsal.
  • Sibling Discount! The session registration fee for the first child is $99, second child is $89 and third child (or more) is $79. Please note that the only way to receive a discount is if you make your payment by check and register students at the same time. When mailing in your payment please include the JDCRO Sibling Discount Coupon with signed approval from Mr. Dundore.
  • What are registration fees used for?

About joining

Musicians from Carroll County and surrounding areas enjoy jamming in our friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

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