Member Testimonials

We conducted an anonymous survey and asked students and parents for feedback on their experiences in the JoeyDCares Orchestra. Here are some of their comments:


“This is a good opportunity for young people to play fun music they can’t play in school band and to gain confidence in performing.”

“I love that the children have another place to play music (that they like). I also think it is incredibly important that JDCRO plays for charities. This is a great experience for the members to see that what they do affects people and that giving back is very important.”

JoeyDCares-18“This experience has been a very strong addition to my son’s college application.  It was also a big factor in his high school National Honor Society application, which again contributes to his college application.  Colleges (and NHS) are looking for things that differentiate applicants as grades alone aren’t enough. The JDCRO experience is truly unique – something that justifiably stands out in a crowd of non-interesting applications.”

“How many kids can say they helped raise over $28,000 for charitable causes, directly supported the fundraising and awareness efforts of many large organizations like JDRF, MS and Santa Clause Anonymous, and gave back to their communities in the form of free concerts?  It really is an impressive experience – one that is quite unique.”

JoeyDCares-110“[JDCRO is] a different creative outlet for the musicians… some who would only play [an instrument] at school, get to sing, [and] parents are a part of it, in and out of the band.”

“I especially like the support of each member and spotlighting them at gigs, from the Jr. members to the seasoned members.”

“The music is great and really propels the musical ability of the children.”

“Mr. Dundore seems to know when to give the kids some room to be kids but also when to push them when they need it to be the best they can be.”

JoeyDCares-22“I love the chance my child has had to play fun music that she actually wants to practice, serve the community doing something she enjoys, earn service learning hours, and make friends in music!”

“[JDCRO is] a great way for kids to become friends with other kids with similar interests, a great way to earn service hours, a great way to promote volunteerism, and most importantly, a great way for kids to improve their musical skills.”

“I like the message, the development of better musicians and civic-minded students, constructive atmosphere & purpose, and opportunity for service learning hours. What’s not to like?”

Student Members

sdsc_0788“I like the fact that I can promote worthy causes while playing music.” –High School Student

“I like how we can come together as a group and do some amazing things with our instrumental talents for good causes.” -Middle School Student

“I enjoy that everyone in some way is fairly committed to some cause. There is a purpose, and I feel that there is the potential and benefit of remaining a part of the group and the values it encompasses.” –High School Student

“I like that I can play my instrument and get service hours.” -Middle School Student

“Its a lot of fun to play rock music on instruments that usually don’t play rock. Plus, Mr. Dundore is awesome!” –Middle School Student

Adult Members

“It’s great to perform really great and diverse music with talented kids.”

“The community is lucky to have Mr. D who is dedicated to developing musical talent and wants to help others. There really is no organization like it.”

“I like the inclusiveness and friendliness of the group, the music we play, and the chance to give back to the community.”

“I picked up my instrument again after many years, and what fun I am having playing again! What a great group of motivated kids and adults who enjoy jamming together and performing for a purpose.”




Concerts for Charity