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Do I need to audition?


Any music student (band, orchestra, or vocal) in grades 6-12 who wishes to rehearse with the group can join and rehearse with no audition.

An audition or rehearsal based evaluation is only required to perform at gigs.

  • Those wishing to perform at gigs can request a traditional audition any time after joining.
  • Alternatively, for students who have been coming to rehearsals consistently for 9-12 months, the director may skip the more formal audition and instead listen to the student play in a rehearsal setting to evaluate their readiness for gigs.

Students who have not yet passed an audition or rehearsal based evaluation are Junior Musicians.  Junior musicians rehearse with the group and can request an evaluation whenever they are ready to become a performing member.

Note: To be a performing member, students only need to pass an audition/evaluation one time, not every year.

JoeyDCares-66In addition, if a student plays an instrument but wants to sing or play a different instrument, that student will need to audition as if they were a Junior Musician on that second instrument (or voice).

There may be special cases where at the director’s discretion a student may play another instrument without auditioning.


Adults are encouraged to join and participate as volunteer adult musicians. Adults do not normally have a formal audition. To begin performing, adult members need to learn the music in the current set list and confer with the director to make sure he agrees the adult is ready to perform with the group.

Audition Instructions

General Instructions for All Students

  • Audition music for each instrument can be found below.
  • Auditions are usually held during a normally scheduled rehearsal time and use a standard Audition Scoring Sheet.
  • When you are ready to audition or if you have questions, contact Mr. Dundore at
  • If you have been coming to rehearsals consistently for 9-12 months, you may skip the more formal audition; instead, the director can listen to you play in a rehearsal setting to see if you are ready for performances.

Woodwind, Brass, String, Keyboard, Guitar, and Bass Guitar Instructions

  • Scales: Students will perform a chromatic scale and one octave of two major scales for his/her instrument to be selected by the adjudicators from the scales listed on the audition scale sheet.
    • All scales must be played from memory.
    • All wind scales are to be played ascending and descending.
  • Prepared Pieces: Students must prepare Vehicle by Ides of March and Get Ready by The Temptations. They will be asked to play a portion of each song at the audition.

  • Sight-reading: A short sight-reading excerpt will be presented to the student by the adjudicators in the audition room.

Drum Set Instructions

  • Students must bring their own sticks. Drum set will be provided, unless the student would prefer to bring their own.
  • Snare Drum
    • Students will perform a long multiple-bounce roll from pp to ff and back to pp in approximately 20 seconds.
    • Two rudiments will be chosen by the adjudicator from the online rudiment sheet. Eight to ten repetitions of the rudiment are sufficient.
  • Prepared Pieces: Students must prepare Vehicle by Ides of March and Get Ready by The Temptations. They will be asked to play a portion of each song at the audition.
  • A short sight-reading excerpt will be presented to the student by the adjudicators in the audition room.

Vocalists Instructions

  • Required songs
    • Female vocalists will sing Gravity by Sarah Bareilles AND Love Story by Taylor Swift.
    • Male vocalists will sing Hey Jude by The Beatles AND Jump by Van Halen.
    • Students will have live piano accompaniment provided by the JDCRO for these required songs, or they may sing a capella; however, at least one song must be performed with piano accompaniment.
  • A third piece chosen by the auditioning person showing their vocal range will also be judged. Ideally, the third piece should be a song that is not in the orchestra’s set list. For the third song, students can bring a karaoke track on an iPod for accompaniment, can perform a capella, or may have live piano accompaniment. If using JDCRO’s piano accompanist for the third song, JDCRO must receive the piano music (with chords) from the auditionee no less than 1 week prior to the audition.

Audition Music

Alto Saxophone
JDCRO Audition Scales Alto Saxophone47.6 KiB467
Get Ready Alto Sax58.8 KiB526
Vehicle Instrumental Alto Saxophone 184.6 KiB445
Baritone Horn
JDCRO Audition Scales Baritone Horn46.0 KiB366
Get Ready Baritone Horn57.0 KiB387
Vehicle Instrumental Baritone Tuba68.7 KiB420
Baritone Saxophone
JDCRO Audition Scales Baritone Saxophone47.1 KiB367
Get Ready Baritone Sax56.5 KiB403
Vehicle Instrumental - Baritone Saxophone80.3 KiB466
Bass Clarinet
JDCRO Audition Scales Bass Clarinet48.9 KiB427
Get Ready Bass Clarinet In Bb59.3 KiB428
Vehicle Instrumental Bass Clarinet In Bb72.5 KiB399
Bass Guitar
JDCRO Audition Scales Bass Guitar45.6 KiB355
Get Ready Electric Bass57.2 KiB415
Vehicle Instrumental Bass Guitar83.2 KiB453
JDCRO Audition Scales Cello46.1 KiB418
Get Ready Violoncello56.7 KiB415
Vehicle Instrumental Violoncello69.7 KiB425
JDCRO Audition Scales Clarinet48.4 KiB499
Get Ready Clarinet 257.3 KiB455
Vehicle Instrumental Clarinet 180.5 KiB563
Drum Set
Get Ready Drum Set52.2 KiB590
Vehicle Instrumental Drum Set88.4 KiB462
JDCRO Audition Rudiments149.5 KiB449
JDCRO Audition Scales Flute47.6 KiB432
Get Ready Flute57.8 KiB430
Vehicle Instrumental Flute75.8 KiB436
JDCRO Audition Scales Guitar45.4 KiB464
Get Ready - Electric Guitar76.2 KiB436
Vehicle Instrumental Guitar127.6 KiB529
JDCRO Audition Scales Harp46.2 KiB368
Get Ready - Harp51.6 KiB565
Vehicle Instrumental - Harp67.8 KiB342
Horn in F
JDCRO Audition Scales Horn In F46.3 KiB419
Get Ready French Horn56.9 KiB393
Vehicle Instrumental - French Horn83.4 KiB519
JDCRO Audition Scales Piano47.5 KiB372
Get Ready Piano61.1 KiB429
Vehicle Instrumental Rock Organ Piano94.2 KiB378
Keyboard Percussion
JDCRO Audition Scales Keyboard Percussion46.0 KiB397
Get Ready Keyboard Percussion59.0 KiB421
Vehicle Instrumental Keyboard Percussion74.4 KiB544
JDCRO Audition Scales Oboe45.4 KiB385
Get Ready Oboe56.9 KiB388
Vehicle Instrumental Oboe Violin 271.9 KiB349
String Bass
JDCRO Audition Scales String Bass46.5 KiB401
Get Ready Double Bass56.1 KiB345
Vehicle Instrumental String Bass69.1 KiB412
Tenor Saxophone
JDCRO Audition Scales Tenor Saxophone47.9 KiB381
Get Ready Tenor Sax57.1 KiB436
Vehicle Instrumental Tenor Saxophone81.1 KiB649
JDCRO Audition Scales Trombone46.0 KiB338
Get Ready Trombone59.0 KiB377
Vehicle Instrumental Trombone76.2 KiB629
JDCRO Audition Scales Trumpet48.3 KiB414
Get Ready Trumpet 256.3 KiB500
Vehicle Instrumental Trumpet In Bb76.6 KiB1290
JDCRO Audition Scales Tuba45.8 KiB347
Get Ready Tuba57.5 KiB432
Vehicle Instrumental Tuba68.7 KiB913
JDCRO Audition Scales Viola46.6 KiB466
Get Ready Viola56.8 KiB395
Vehicle Instrumental Viola75.7 KiB355
JDCRO Audition Scales Violin46.0 KiB369
Get Ready Violin 256.9 KiB371
Vehicle Instrumental Violin 176.2 KiB418
Vocalist - Female
Gravity Words5.1 KiB559
Gravity Lead Vocal85.9 KiB386
Love Story Lead Vocals109.5 KiB436
Vocalist - Male
Jump - Van Halen Lead Vocal85.4 KiB951
Hey Jude Lead Vocals93.7 KiB748


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