Program Overview & History

Program Overview

JoeyDCares-70The JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra (JDCRO) is a non-profit community group of area students and adult community volunteers who perform concerts to support area charities and the community. Talented musicians perform as vocalists or string, brass, woodwind or rhythm section players in a “rock-star” style.

We refine an ambitious set of Rock, Pop, Motown, Jazz and Classical favorites as we prepare for live shows to benefit charitable causes and the community. With multiple public performances every year we promote our mission with family friendly and community oriented entertainment.

DSC_5659-1The orchestra plays an eclectic mix of songs, engages the audience,  and performs at a wide variety of indoor and outdoor venues.  We have performed at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, the Raven’s stadium, the Frederick Key’s Stadium, the Maryland State Fairgrounds, Sykesville’s Main Street, and area high schools, hospitals, and senior centers, among other places.

IMG_1340The group is comprised of several types of members.  Student Musicians and Crew in 7th- 12th grade make up the majority of the membership.

Also, students who have not yet passed an audition are Junior Musicians who rehearse with the group and learn the music and help as stage crew at gigs. Students (Musicians, Crew and Junior Musicians) earn Service Learning Hours. We also have Adult Volunteer Musicians and Crew members.



Program History

How it All Began” is a short video that was filmed in 2011 and is a great look at the JDCRO’s beginnings.  We are proud to have grown since the beginning, and we have already accomplished many of the goals set forth during that time, such as performing big shows with lights in front of large crowds and raising significant money for charities!

The JDCRO was established in 2010 by music teacher Joe Dundore.
In late spring of 2010, Mr. Dundore learned that because of county budget constraints, he was to be transferred from Oklahoma Road Middle School to Piney Ridge Elementary School in Carroll County, Maryland.  The overwhelming support he received from students and parents was motivation enough for him to take a stab at his life-long dream of developing a non-profit charitable organization.  He wanted one that used music as a vehicle to raise money for charity, so he established a program within the boundaries of the Freedom Area Recreation Council to hold a music based summer camp for children.

Enrollment was high and the kids were so enthusiastic that he created a community band and called it the JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra.  Initially, the band was open to kids in high school, but demand and an adventurous mind opened enrollment up to middle schoolers as well.  Soon, college graduates and parents joined and before long, Joe Dundore had an orchestra with 38 members.

Making-of-a-Rock-Orchestra-CoverNeil R. Beller, Jr., an Emmy award winning editor of Kit & Kaboodle Productions, documented the events of the first year of the JoeyDCares Rock Orchestra. His documentary, “The Making of a Rock Orchestra,” follows the group as they learn 17 songs in 12 weeks and prepare for a series of community concerts with proceeds going to various charities.  The goals are set high and include recording a CD and the arduous task of arranging rock and soul music for orchestra instruments. The documentary follows the journey from painful practices and self-doubt to standing ovations and the recording of a professional CD.


Concerts for Charity